Best Ways to Buy Crypto With Cash in 2022

How to buy bitcoin with cash at the atm

Department of the Treasury’s agency that monitors and combats money laundering and other financial crimes. The easiest way to find Bitcoin ATM locations near you is to use live maps like Coin ATM Radar, Bitcoin ATM Map, and others. Learn more about Consensus 2024, CoinDesk’s longest-running and most influential event that brings together all sides of crypto, blockchain and Web3. Head to to register and buy your pass now. This is popular with scammers because of the irreversible and largely unregulated nature of blockchain-based payments. Once a transaction is finalized, it’s next to impossible to reverse it.

  • These machines are the most popular ones but have a higher price range than others.
  • This is one of the most frequently asked Bitcoin ATM questions since both crypto and traditional banking ATMs can sometimes be seen as less reliable.
  • After purchase, the transaction record will appear in the customer’s wallet.
  • A good location will attract more traffic, leading to an excellent revenue of $30,000 to $40,000 (USD).
  • This guide will cover the Bitcoin ATM process and walk you through how to locate and use one to purchase Bitcoin with cash.
  • Worldwide, the total number of Bitcoin ATMs is about 31,000 at the time of this writing, according to Coin ATM Radar.

Selling Bitcoin through a BTM can sometimes take ten to twenty minutes in order to confirm the blockchain. Hermes Bitcoin ATMs have an app that allows you to reserve cash at a certain ATM in advance to make the purchase even quicker. All Bitcoin ATM operators have different policies when it comes to transaction fees. Some of them can be quite high, so sometimes it can be worth it to travel a bit further to take advantage of the lowest fees in the area.

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You also have the option to receive your Bitcoin on a paper wallet containing the public and private keys relating to your purchased Bitcoin or Litecoin. If you select this option, the paper wallet will be printed from the Bitcoin ATM after the transaction is complete. The Bitcoin or Litecoin on the paper wallet can be added to How to buy bitcoin with cash at the atm a mobile wallet at any point in the future. You will need to sign up for a LibertyX account to get started. You can do this by downloading our mobile app available at and Apple/Android app stores. After you complete the free account signup process, you will be able to purchase up to $3,000 of bitcoin per day.

When you buy bitcoin at a Coinstar Bitcoin ATM or MoneyGram location, your purchase is transferred to your personal Coinme wallet. The Coinme wallet makes owning and storing cryptocurrency safe and easy. With thousands of available locations plus award-winning customer service, welcome to the easiest way to buy bitcoin with cash. For cash or debit cashier locations, give the cashier your LibertyX code (code generated in-app after you select the store location) and make a cash or debit card payment. Using our iOS/Android mobile apps, buying bitcoin has never been easier. On this page, we’ll walk you through how you can become part of the bitcoin community within minutes.

How to Use a Bitcoin ATM – A Step-by-Step Guide

For large transactions, Bitcoin ATMs opt for more comprehensive security measures. As mentioned earlier, customers who use Bitcoin ATMs pay a service fee for using the facility. The price is charged as a percentage of the overall transaction. Unlike a fixed dollar value, a limited percentage value applies to every withdrawal. If a Bitcoin ATM supports transactions related to other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, USDT, and Ripple, it increases revenue because more customers will opt to use that BTM. Payment can increase by 10-15% simply by providing services for a variety of cryptocurrencies in addition to Bitcoin.

How to buy bitcoin with cash at the atm

In other words, Mycelium provides an escrow service, and guarantees that the seller possesses the amount of bitcoins that they advertised as being for sale. The popular Mycelium mobile wallet, for both iOS and Android, includes a feature known as Local Trader. This tool serves as a cash-only matching and escrow service for Bitcoin traders. Unlike using a regular Bitcoin exchange, cash purchases usually don’t require you to unnecessarily reveal information by submitting a ton of documents to verify your identity.

How Do I Use A Bitcoin ATM for the First Time?

In the case of a purchase, transactions are credited to your wallet immediately. Crypto ATMs are notorious for charging high fees for transactions. These fees may include a crypto exchange fee, cash exchange fee, or card processing fee (if using a debit card). Transaction fees can be as high as 20% (or more), depending on the ATM and the transaction being processed. According to research by Coin ATM Radar, crypto ATM fees average around 15% per transaction, which is very high. Fees vary by ATM and can be as low as 2% to 4%, but most are much higher.

How to buy bitcoin with cash at the atm

In this article, we will teach you how to use a Bitcoin ATM for the first time. Machines will vary somewhat depending on country and location, and some may require you to complete know-your-customer (KYC) steps before permitting the purchase. When you spot a bitcoin ATM, you’ll often find it has a QR code plastered on it prompting you to download a particular crypto wallet that’s supported by the ATM machine.

How Do Bitcoin ATMs Work?

Coinhub Bitcoin ATMs offer purchases for registered customers for up to $25,000. Choose the amount that you want to buy and make sure you have enough cash to complete the transaction. Finally, for ATM locations, select the LibertyX button on the ATM screen. Finally, insert your debit card (credit cards NOT ACCEPTED) and enter your PIN to complete the transaction. Otherwise, using an exchange or purchasing bitcoin through apps you most likely already have on your smartphone are also good options.

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