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This causes many users to scratch at their skin, leaving unsightly sores and wounds. Methamphetamines (more commonly known by their street name, “meth,” “crystal meth,” and “crank”) is a powerful and addictive stimulant that can be smoked, snorted, eaten, or injected. Due to the psychoactive properties, false confidence, and sense of happiness, people who try methamphetamine quickly develop a desire to continue using. Some users state that they were hooked on meth after they try it once. While initially pleasurable, methamphetamine can destroy a person’s life by burning up the body’s resources and leaving the user with a dependence that is only relieved by using more of the drug.

Symptoms may last for days to weeks depending upon the length of meth use. It’s important that individuals who are attempting to detox from methamphetamines do so only under the supervision of trained medical personnel to avoid and manage any symptoms. Using crystal meth to self-medicate a mental health condition can also be a risk factor. It can become a habitual behaviour and develop into a severe substance abuse disorder. Similar to Crack Cocaine, Meth produces a “rush” when smoked or injected; this is caused by an increase in heart rate, blood pressure, and pleasure-inducing neurotransmitters in the brain.

Methamphetamine Addiction Treatment

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  • Many people become addicted to methamphetamine after their first exposure to the drug.
  • Symptoms may last for days to weeks depending upon the length of meth use.
  • Second, methamphetamine prevents reuptake of dopamine into the brain cell.

This is because methamphetamine floods the brain with dopamine, the feel-good chemical responsible for pleasure, reward and motivation. Blood pressure spikes, thoughts race, users often have to keep moving even though they’re accomplishing nothing. With amphetamine placed under federal control, illegal drug suppliers found that ephedrine, used in over-the-counter cold medicine, produces methamphetamine, according toFrontline.

How Is Crystal Meth Made? What’s in It?

The last thing that an addict needs is to use an addictive medicine to get over an addiction. Methamphetamines affect your brain’s dopamine levels by flooding your neurotransmitters and disrupting normal brain function. Dopamine affects emotions, motivation, reward processing, movement, memory, and learning and dysregulates the brain’s ability to feel pleasure. As a result of repeatedly taking meth, a tolerance develops, requiring higher doses to accomplish the same results. As a consequence, detox should be conducted under the supervision of a trained medical professional.

  • One example is cognitive-behavioral therapy, which helps people cope with situations that may prompt drug use.
  • Meth is more dangerous than other stimulants because a larger percentage of the drug remains unchanged in the body and stays present in the brain longer.
  • Due to illicit trafficking and recreational use the agent is classified as a schedule II, controlled substance in the United States and the United Nations Convention on Psychotropic Substances.
  • Whether you are dealing with a methamphetamine addiction, co-occurring mental health disorders, or other medical concerns, we can help you recover.
  • The pilot program, set to launch by early 2023, is part of the CalAIM (California Advancing and Innovating Medi-Cal) initiative, a multiyear plan to overhaul the state’s Medicaid program.
  • Over time, the body becomes used to the presence of crystal meth and adjusts accordingly; unable to function normally without it.

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Meth is one of the most devastating drugs on the market that can be immediately habit-forming. Bluff offers comprehensive methamphetamine addiction treatment beginning with medical detox, followed by in-depth therapy and relapse prevention support for lasting recovery. The combination of tolerance and withdrawal can push a person into meth addiction a dangerous downward spiral of meth abuse, involving increasingly larger doses and more frequent abuse of this drug. Given methamphetamine’s ability to inflict considerable physical and psychological harm, addiction to this dangerous stimulant can put a person at continued risk for a wide range of negative outcomes, including death.

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