Streamlabs vs OBS Studio: Which Is Better?

It can be difficult to master layouts and overlays with just OBS, so StreamElements could be a good choice for streamers who still want to use OBS but in a more hassle-free way. Streamlabs offers many of the same features as StreamElements when it comes to templates, alerts, and chatbots, plus you can live stream from the desktop app. You can live stream using StreamElements from the mobile app, but only on Android devices.

streamlabs feature suggestions

Many people like to learn about art while having the chance to ask questions and talk with others. It refers to streams focused on interacting and talking with people in the chat. This allows the streamer to have fun while also letting those in chat become a part of the stream. For example, some people play video games, some perform songs, and others host ASMR streams. Streamers can offer a variety of content on the platform, but others focus on Just Chatting.

New Feature Round-up

A big difference between Streamlabs and StreamElements is the app store. Streamlabs offers apps you can add to improve your streaming experience; however, they require a Streamlabs Prime subscription. Although there is no StreamElements app store, anyone can develop a widget to customize their experience. You can also download widgets other users have made from online galleries like the StreamElements Code Gurus, Nerd or Die, Fiverr, or even GitHub. Making money as a live streamer is straightforward when you use either Streamlabs or StreamElements. Both have donation options for streamers, and they function similarly.

What is the recommended FPS for Streamlabs?

The framerate should be set to 60 FPS unless you are on a super budget PC or a bad network, then you should probably be streaming at 720P 30 FPS. There is also a trick where for FPS Type you select integer FPS Value so you can stream at 120 FPS making the stream extra smooth for people with high refresh rate monitors.

You can host your very own live version of “Love Connection” (a hilarious dating show from the 80s and 90s). Just be sure to keep the mood light-hearted and fun (if even a little awkward). See if you can go through the steps and give your viewers some cooking tips. Even if you don’t have much experience with cooking, you can use your Just Chatting streams to learn. Try using your phone or tablet as a second camera with Streamlabs Collab Cam to let viewers get an eagle eye view of what you’re dishing up. This can include making drawings, creating arts and crafts, or anything else you want to do.

Why is Streamlabs Chatbot Failing?

One of the perks of this software is that it is relatively lightweight. While it may lack some editing features, it does have livestreaming capabilities. Furthermore, without using a lot of processing power, it allows users to stream in HD, which is a big factor for a lot of users. StreamShark is a live streaming solution that provides options for large enterprises as well as individuals or businesses with small to medium requirements.

What is the best bitrate for 720p 60fps?

For 720p video at 60 frames per second, the bitrate should be 4,500 Kbps. The required upload speed is 6.2 Mbps.

If you like the idea of cooking during your streams, there’s a whole community of home chefs on Twitch. It may require more setting up, but you can have some fun creating meals while talking with your chat. You could also visit fan-requested sites, but you should check them beforehand. Many streamers will either turn off screen sharing or look at the site on a different monitor. You don’t want anything that goes against Twitch’s Terms of Service to show up, so you need to check first.

[Feature Request] Add merch hook to Stream Labs

As for the settings, Streamlabs makes it easier to start streaming since it lets you enter your streaming service account, eliminating the step of entering the stream key from the website. However, the rest of the settings are pretty much the same as in OBS Studio. Again, there’s no in-app tutorial, so you’ll have to look for instructions online.

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5 must-need software for livestreaming on YouTube and Twitch in 2023.

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If you’ve purchased a subscription, you have access to priority customer support, meaning your requests will be answered more promptly. If you don’t want to bother the support team, you can access a dedicated Discord server and ask for help from the community. They’re mostly user-made, have reviews and ratings to help you choose the best add-ons for your purpose.

Fix #1: Update Streamlabs OBS

Whether you want to turn live streaming into a career, or you do it just for fun, enabling a tip page on Streamlabs can help you along the way. Streamlabs’ developers were inspired by OBS Studio and set out to develop software based on it. Because OBS Studio is open-source freeware, Streamlabs’ developers were able to use the source code and make improvements on it to create Streamlabs.

streamlabs feature suggestions

Streamlabs’ developers market it as an all-in-one livestreaming program. Whether you’re at home or away, always know what’s with your water thanks to live flow data, instant leak alerts, and pressure and temperature notifications. And if a leak occurs, the free Streamlabs app gives you control over your water system anytime, anywhere. It sends this data in real-time to the StreamLabs app via Wi-Fi, so you always know what’s happening —protecting your home 24/7 no matter where you are.

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Since OBS is completely free, it doesn’t have a full-time support team. There are some volunteer support members you can contact via the OBS Discord channel. If you need more detail on using the software, you can go to the Guides & Help section of the website. There, your viewers can send messages while you are streaming, which creates a deeper connection with your audience during your game streams. You can activate the overlays whenever you want to hide your camera. You can also add overlays to show important information like subscription goals, recent donations, and more.

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Facebook has a porn problem, and it’s live.

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Streamlabs goal widgets display a progress bar on your screen and let you track goal progress in real-time. Goal widgets are powerful motivators for inspiring people to donate, sub, follow, and more. Oftentimes, viewers get caught up in watching your stream and may forget that they haven’t followed or subbed. Goal widgets keep your objectives at the forefront of your (and your viewer’s) mind. Set your intentions at the start of every stream by placing a goal widget.

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